Emdee Five for Life Walk through



Emdee Five for Life is a easy challenge from Hack The Box. The challenge description is:

Can you encrypt fast enough?

You can also find my video walk through here.


Once you start the challenge and navigate to the IP & port you get the following page:


I copied the string and went to CyberChef. You can do this a few ways but I like CyberChef, its quick and easy. I pasted the string in to the input field and used the md5 operator to get a hash.


With the MD5 I paste that in to the web application and click submit but get the response “Too slow!”.

No matter how many times I try and do it, even with both browsers up, im not quick enough so this needs to be scripted.

Final script

I created the following script which will go a GET request to the application to get the string. Then it will use hashlib to generate a md5 hash then finally POST the hash to the applicaton to get the flag.


import requests
import re
import hashlib

url = "http://UPDATEME"     # Add challenge IP:PORT

session = requests.Session()

# step 1 - Get string

r = session.get(url)
html = r.text
match = re.search("[a-zA-Z0-9]{20}",html)

# Step 2 - Encrypt string with md5

string = match.group()
hash = hashlib.md5(string.encode("utf")).hexdigest()

# Step 3 - Post hash to web

p = session.post(url, data={"hash":hash})


Thats the challenge, very simple but good for people new to scripting.

Thanks for reading!


Any comments or feedback welcome! You can find me on twitter.

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